BlogEngine.NET to

BlogEngine to is an extension that notify the new blog posts to
This allow to notify the post in al networks that you have subscribed in is a simple and FREE service that makes updating your social networks a snap!

For use the extension you must

  1. create an account to and set the social network that you want use.
  2. download the file (5.89 kb).
  3. put the file (that is in the zip) in the \App_Code\Extensions folder.
  4. go to Extension Manager page, and edit the configuration of this extension:
    • User Application Key -> go to
    • Title of message -> input the text to put in the title (or use a placeholder <title> for replace qith the post title)
    • Message to send -> input the text to put in the message body (or use a placeholder: <title> for the title, <link> for a link to the page of post, or <body> for put the entire content of post).
    • Ping in insert -> for enable the ping when you insert a new post
    • Ping in update -> for enable the ping when you update a post
  5. write and save your post and enjoy.

For any problem or question with the extension, you can contact me.


DOWNLOAD FILE: (5.89 kb) version 1.1
2010.03.24 - Changes: Send email when not return status 'OK'

2009.07.03 - (6.24 kb) version 1.0


Screenshot of settings: