BlogEngine.NET CheckComment Extension

CheckComment is an extension for BlogEngine that allowed to filter the commet that contains a specific words or that is posted from a specific IP.

For use the extension you must

  1. download the file (1.33 kb).
  2. put the file (that is in the zip) in the \App_Code\Extensions folder.
  3. go to Extension Manager page, and edit the configuration of this extension:
    • IP to block. (Using a comma separator for insert a multi value)
    • Words to block. (Using a comma separator for insert a multi value)
    • Block the comments that contains a link.

This filter is not applied for the authenticated users. Laughing

Note: if you want not set a IP or Words, put a comma in the textbox. This because BlogEngine.NET have a bug that don't want a empty fields.


For any problem or question with the extension, you can contact me.

DOWNLOAD FILE: (1.33 kb) version 0.1

Screenshot of settings: